• What Options Are There For Caravan Transport?

    By / 20/02/2019

    For all caravan enthusiasts and caravanners around Australia, having a van to travel and explore different states at your own leisure in comfort and style is enticing. A caravan is a home away from home and can make an interstate travel more enjoyable, help extend outback adventures off-grid and provide a lifestyle of adventure away from the stresses of everyday life. Apart from the initial investment, caravan ownership can be affordable with annual registration slightly varying from state to state.

    When it comes to caravan transport, it may come as a surprise and something that is not talked about enough. Moving a caravan can be for many reasons, perhaps purchasing a caravan online or in another state, relocating interstate, prefer to transport over a long distance or even a broken down caravan during a trip can require a caravan to be transported. Caravans come in all different shapes and sizes and moving a caravan from one location to another should be a well-planned process, so what are the options available when you need to move a caravan?

    Move Your Caravan Yourself

    The obvious choice when buying a caravan interstate or moving a caravan interstate is to tow it yourself. Hitch the caravan to your 4WD, pack as many contents as you can and hit the road. Although this may seem the budget friendly option, it may make sense to move it yourself over a short distance however it is not ideal for long distance interstate travel. Consider the wear and tear on both van and vehicle, the time it takes to tow the caravan interstate, the risks involved in towing a heavy load at high speeds on the highway and the costs of fuel. Furthermore, Australia is a large country and moving between Perth and Brisbane will require 4,300km coverage and roughly 45 hours of driving time not taking into consideration time for sleep, meals and breaks. All of a sudden, moving a caravan yourself doesn’t seem so appealing.

    Find a Professional Caravan Transport Service

    Moving a caravan is no different to moving any other vehicle, whether it is moved by a professional car carrying company, reputable towing business or shipped via rail it can be easily accommodated by existing services available. The costs to relocate can depend on different factors include the cost of fuel, the distance between location, how urgently you need your caravan and the type of service you choose. Typically, the more flexible you are the more cheaper it will cost, with hundreds of vehicle transport companies on the market it makes sense to compare caravan transport quotes and do your research and read reviews before signing any transport contract.

    Pay Someone to Drive It

    If none of the above options appeal to you and as long as the caravan is registered, consider paying someone to either tow the Jayco or help with driving car and caravan to the required destination. This service is ideal for situations where the designated driver is unable to complete the journey due to a medical emergency for example. It can also suit people who prefer to fly to their starting location and have their caravan and vehicle available there or for people who do not wish to drive the last leg of the holiday back home.

  • Review: Jayco Adventurer Offroader

    By / 05/02/2019

    Jayco has taken its popular semi-offroad caravans to the next level and came up with the Adventurer designed for those wanting to explore tough and rugged terrains of Outback Australia.  The Adventurer is fully equipped with modern day comforts and also looks the part too, whether an experienced caravanner or new to the game, the Adventurer will certainly grab the attention to those who want to experience offroad conditions without sacrificing comfort.

    What’s On The Outside

    Beginning from the outside, the Adventurer has a strong modern contrast between the use of smooth soft grey and black textured checker-plate body. The two tone fiberglass exterior that runs right around the caravan is eye-catching and dominant, the style makes a strong statement and truly has offroading written all over it.  Carries a Tare weight of 2,809kg and can accommodate an extra 690kg until full load; it brings the ATM to a fair 3,499kg which is not too bad considering its size.

    Underneath the caravan is where things get really exciting. What immediately grabs your attention is the work of two years of research and development at Jayco’s Melbourne base, a fully redeveloped JTECH suspension, the independent coil suspension and dual shock absorbers replaces beam axles allowing each wheel to navigate the earth’s surface independently for more stability and control in demanding conditions.

    The Adventurer has really been well thought out many exterior features that can accommodate for extended travel.  Going off-grid in remote terrain is sustained by a total of 300W solar panel, dual 100Ah batteries, generous triple 82L fresh water capacity and a separate storage for 75L grey water. In addition, a secret slide out kitchen made from durable stainless steel is heavy duty and contains a convenient utility drawer along with a sink for hot and cold water. The entertainment unit and external shower allows for daily comforts to be enjoyed whilst a reverse camera, LED worklights and two spare wheels fixed at the rear ensures safety and ability to combat any situation thrown its way.

    What’s On The Inside

    Jayco continues to impress within the interior with eyes drawing instantly to the timber look cabinetry, locks are fitted to cupboards and drawers and have soft close hardware for added comfort. The front bedroom equipped with a queen bed will provide the perfect opportunity for quality rest whilst a generous amount of storage space accommodates a generous amount from your WIR at home. The bathroom is generous in size with a single vanity and extended mirror, contains a Thetford ceramic bowl, capacity for a 3kg washing machine and more lockable storage space. The stand out is the enclosed shower with exhaust that features a modern acrylic design with space saving sliding door.

    The Verdict

    The Adventurer is a caravan certainly not for the faint hearted, it is considered a master piece and comes with a huge amount of features to provide comfort at all angles. Although the $90K price can be eye-watering for a caravan, it is offset by its true capabilities in offroad travel with the abundance of features it brings with it. Apart from some small disadvantages including the height of the microwave and sticky slide out drawers, the Adventurer is worth considering for the caravan enthusiast who gravitates off the beaten track.


    • Overall length 8.23m
    • External body length 5.79m
    • External body width 2.49m
    • Travel height 3.06m
    • Internal height 1.98m
    • Ball weight 255kg
    • Tare 2809kg
    • Payload 690kg
    • ATM 3499kg
    • Price on-road $92,288
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